What is SAWFLOB?

SAWFLOB, "Stop Artists Who Foolishly Love Oversized Breasts", is an Internet group formed in July, 2000 as a way for artists, their fans, and fellow characters to voice their disgust over anatomically incorrect art. The group was founded by myself, Pamela Veex, and my good friend Cindy Crawfur, who originally started work on her own campaign several years ago entitled FLABBA, "Furry Lobby Against Big Breasted Artwork".

NOTE: We are in no ways associated with FAART, "Fan Artists Against Raunchy Tits". There's nothing wrong with a raunchy tit, so long as it's not too big! :>

SAWFLOB is intended to be a light-hearted look at a not-so-light issue: huge breasts, and the various inconvieniences they cause their owners. We have nothing against big breasts, but some artists, particularly of the furry, manga, and "game artist" variety, have no respect or consideration for their creations when these people draw 40 pound breasts on an 80 pound body. Some characters are lucky, and posess the magical property that can only be described as "helium filled tits". Others, like myself, are not so lucky, and are constantly reminded of this every time we take off our bras at the end of every day and look in the mirror.

Our goal at SAWFLOB is to make artists think twice before adding beach balls to their beach babes, and also, hopefully, to alert art fans of our plight, and encourage them to request more natural material from their favorite artists. For more information about the purpose and goals of SAWFLOB, see the Mission Statement.

Rounding out our message

So, do we just concern ourselves about busty ladies all day? Heavens, no. We are against ALL forms of anatomically incorrect art, which includes an unfortunate quantity of females, and males, that are larger or smaller than normal -- in one way or another. Of course, since large breasts are the most prevalent problem in the world of consumer art and design, our gallery is dedicated almost entirely to the issue of large breasts.

For those who love the attention and social status granted by their unusual qualities, we respect their wishes and pleasures. However, since there are just so many of them out there in the world, especially in the "furry" community, you really have to wonder just how many of them enjoy being the way they are. Believe me, I've talked to quite a few interesting characters in my time, and have been told even more interesting, and downright frightening, stories about their experiences. Think you can't see anything wrong with a foot-long erection or an exaggerated veneris mons? Think again.

Remember, artists, the characters you draw are YOUR characters. Please take care of them, and do all you can to help them live fulfilling lives.

Spread the word, not the fur

SAWFLOB is not just about the two us. Many other generous people have donated their time, art, and kind words to the SAWFLOB project. See the Gallery for some examples of guest contributions. If you'd like to help us "SAWFLOB", head on over to the Submission Page, which includes contact info, and a basic outline of content standards.

As for our own parts of the project, you might want to see the Personals Page, which outlines our own responsibilities around here, as well as our backgrounds, and the reasons why we founded this organization in the the first place.

That's about it -- Take a look around, and have fun!

-- Pamela Veex, SAWFLOB director