Thanks to hurricane tropical storm Irene, I was without power for four days.

What better time to bring back an old gimmick? ;)

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News for January 26, 2017

G'day! Just dropping in to let you guys know the gallery is now finally online, which can be accessed by the “Artwork” and “Guest Art” links in the navigation menu. The old folder is gone and now it redirects to my full gallery with all my artwork. Be aware that there is adult content in the gallery (a lot of it, actually), but that's user-selectable with a simple age statement.

While I haven't updated this comic in a long time and I don't expect many people to see this news section, I am still plodding around with code intended for my other comic projects. As such, there is a possibility that this site will be updated to allow posting of comments. I just need to figure out a way to deal with spam, as I want to have an open guest policy.

In the meantime, check out my other comic strip, and thanks for stopping by!