Squeaky Clean Art
Instructions: Clickie da piccies.

This is a quick picture of a character I made up by the name of Kuroi Inazuma. (That's Japanese for dark thunder, I think. Orca will correct me if I'm wrong.) He's either a real heartbreaker or he's really heartbroken. UPDATE!: Sure enough, she did. It means black lightening. Can I predict or what? :)

Here's another pic I did during the same session as the faithless picture. As with that picture, this also was done from feeling and not from a predesigned mental image. The quote in it is from me, but the background was from the booklet for Nine Inch Nail's album "The Downward Spiral". Again, sorry about the file size. It's all the background's fault!! Before the background the pic was around 40k!

It's me at a different angle. I bet you all were getting sick of my usual angle that I draw faces at, so I thought a little change would be good.

A picture I drew in Missouri at the hotel. There was a post-labor, momma phin in the background, but she came out kind of scary, so I cleared her out for the color version. I really like how the wolf guy came out though, especially his facial expression. But just so you know, I didn't learn to be naughty, I was born that way. >:}

Some generic lizard guy I did. I don't know where the idea came from, but it came out well. And just so you know, because I KNOW someone is thinking it; he's not doing anything naughty with his hands. They were just put there so I wouldn't have to worry about genetalia or slits. Sick-o's.

Yeah yeah, another gryphon picture I know! Can't help it, I love drawing Kechara in different forms. Something about all that blue and feathers 'n fur make it fun. Anyway, here's an alter-ego of hers named Spork No Miko. (priestess of sporks) Weird is good, say it with me. Thaaaaaat's right. By the way, she's supposed to be deformed like that. It's my own cutesy version of SD.

I spend way too much of my free time playing Counter-Strike. As such, I figured I might as well draw my alter ego in the game; Beaucoupfishies. If you play CS, I'm usually on pretty late at night, so unless you're a night owl.. er phin.. like me, you probably won't bump into me.

Various forms of electronica genres with a silly phee theme. :)

This pic is the "evolution" of me, basically. It starts with the very first dolphin I drew up to my newer and highly snuggable self. (Gotta love that banana stripe!)

These four pictures are a series of small World War II-esque pictures I did for personal reasons. Careless Talk, the fourth picture, was taken from an actual WWII poster I saw online. I don't really have much else to say about these, except that sometimes drawing something spontaniously and for no reason can be a fun thing. Links for all pics can be found below.
Intentions Covert Ops First In Line Careless Talk