Crappy sketches.

Fan Art Part! More Of Me For You To See!

A drawing by Orca, and you're going to see a lot of them this page, because she's done a lot of me since a while back, I just completely forgot about putting them in here. Anyway, this is a pic of a non-anthro version of me being flashy. Ba dum bum.

Orca picture. An Inside joke. Part of my more "extreme" image I was joking about trying out. My spikey hair is actually Kechara's tail, and my shirt says "hormones inside", in keeping with that particular image as well.

Orca's pic of Kechara and my character Kuroi together lounging around. An interesting thing to note is that I seem to drink champagne with a swirly straw..errr if that's even champagne. Nahhh, how bout Sprite instead?

Another pic from Orca of my character Kuroi. Bishounen is Japanese for handsome. (Orca likes Japanese things, if you haven't guessed already.) Reminds me of a Calvin Klein (sp?) ad. Hmm..maybe I should tint the whole picture in blue or sepia and put an ad underneath..what do you think?

Yet another Orca pic of Kuroi. This one actually came before the Kuroi_bishounen pic. This was when I had first developed the character based upon some critter code she had me do at like 3am. I'm just sitting and looking pretty here, but then it's hard not to when you got hair like that! Ohh if only it were a perfect world.

A quickie Orca did. Not much to say about it, it's just my adorable mug on an inverse background. CUTE! :)

Guess who? Yep, it's Orca again. This one is actually older than some of the stuff on the first fan art page, but I just forgot about it and dredged it up when I was digging through looking for the new(er) additions. It's my phin form super-deformed. I love that miffed one in the lower right best.

Pic of my friend Talphin and I in non-anthro form looking cute and swimming around. Very good positioning and spacing on this one. I love the stripe!

Orca took a real pic of me and made me into a gryphon with my trademarked hat on. Don't think I looked that good in the real pic though, and NO, you can't see the real one.

More from Orca. This is my Kuroi Inazuma character with his hood up and looking either very evil or very intreguing. Either way it's coo'.