Naughty Art Mrowr!

Well I got another request for something that someone wanted me to draw, so I decided to finally get around to doing it. In the late 1990's before SeaWorld had to give up all of its killer whales, there was an ad campaign for the park featuring modern animations of Shamu and his "crew". Shamu is the spunky, witty, take no *$@# main character that was obviously made to capture the hearts of many a child. In any case, here is Shamu being "serviced" by one of his crew, Dolly the dolphin. Along with this, Shamu is also spouting his trademark I'm-the-big-cheese line, featuring some lovely grammar.

Finally another addition to my naughty pages! This time it's an original character I made up by the name of Don Roba. He's a donkey with a bit of Spanish flavor. (No, not fajitas, although it depends on what he eats.) Here he is in a pose that says, "I'm ready for a roll in the hay." and he's looking straight at YOU. Yes you! No no, not you, the one behind you. Thaaaat's right, come to Donny. Let's go South of the border! Ole.

This is a remake of a picture Orca did of my Delphis character. Once again, here is Kuroi Inazuma- a gryphon character I created. Damn I love those pecs, although I think Orca did the robe much better. This isn't really a naughty picture, but better safe than sorry. Besides, I didn't draw below his stomach, so who knows what's going on down there. Yeah I know, yet I put a naked lizard in clean...shush, I know I'm a hypocrite. :P

Yeah yeah, it's another picture featuring gryphons. What can I say, they're fun! Plus it's been a while since I drew any dolphins and I kinda like having feet to work with! Kuroi is supposed to be preening Kechara (they are part birdies after all), but it looks more like they're doing a lot under the blanket. Speaking of blanket, doesn't it look cool? How'd I do that?

This is a spoof of the new (well, not really new, but different) mascot the Miami Dolphins have. You see, there's a reason he looks so pissed, and it's not because he's gotta score the winning goal with only 10 seconds left...He just wants to score period. Awww..shame that it might ruin his game to indulge himself. Life's about sacrifices you know. We're rooting for ya!

Pokemon are still around and still just as strong, so I figured it was about time for another parody pic. It didn't turn out as well as I wanted, but ah well, the point still got across. This picture marks the beginning of Ash's odd obsession with Pikachu, and foreshadows a sordid affair behind the camera of the show later on. Maybe I thought this out too much, y'think? (Update! Pokemon seems to be showing signs of decay, so that just goes to show you a fad is still just a fad!)

Another pic of the Kuroi character of mine. I originally didn't intend for it to have anything to do with milk, but the idea came up while drawing, and it seemed too boring without it, so I put the milk gag in. Ok, so this isn't really that naughty, at least not to me. But a little nudity can be taken the wrong way by some people, so better safe than sorry eh?

Ok, I know this is a really bad joke, but I couldn't resist. Besides, I'm promoting abstinence, a very noble cause indeed. Educating the masses is my first priority after all!

Another pic of Orca. This is the one that annoyed me to the point of breaking my tablet's pen while I was coloring it. So rather than deal much more with it, I just did a quick color of the whole thing and posted it. I am persistant, just not to the point of breaking another tablet pen. Yes that's a joke..I think. I really really wish the hair would've come out better, but I just don't feel like dealing with it anymore

Don't really know what made me draw this. I do know however that it's modeled after a Kundalini pic called 2103. Um, enjoy.