The Sketch Files- The Sketch Is Out There

Yay, the first sketch to appear in this section! I have absolutely no idea what it's supposed to mean, or what's going on though. I just drew the guy on the left, and then the little one on the right without any kind of an idea. That's why it's only a sketch!

Just playing with my old old style of eyes and seeing if maybe I can make some kind of newer hybrid from it. Nothing serious. Man he looks bored.

Another one that I don't really know where it came from. It's just some random warrior guy who gets a thrill from the misery of others. Don't ask me, I don't have a history of sadism, really I don't. ;P

Ok, Ok. I know this is really really dumb, but I couldn't resist posting it. I drew this about a month ago for no good reason except that that dumb name from late 70's cop shows popped up in my head. Who the hell is actually named Cochise, and why would their parents torture their kids by naming them that??

It's a work doodle. I don't really even understand what it's supposed to mean, really. Anyway, it hangs on my cubicle wall now and I get to see it 11 hours a day, four days a week. I've also tried to redraw it several times and it still hasn't come out as well as it did this time. Oh yeah, and the reason it's a jpeg is because I gif'd it first, THEN jpeg'd it to compress it further. So nyah!

Another in my ongoing series of musicians as phins. This time we have a bit of a black sheep musician whom despite most public opinion, I like. Say hello to Marilyn Mansphin. Or more appropriately off the Mechanical Animals cd; Mar1lyn Man5ph1n. Also take note, I like his newer stuff, but Portrait of An American Family is old and don't base your opinion of the band from that one. They've gotten better, really! In fact, Mechanical Animals is one of my favorite albums and Holy Wood turned out to be pretty good also.

And yet another in the musician series. This time it's another picture of another of my favorite musicians- Moby. Here we have a tiny collage of him in various poses off several of his album covers. Well..the little idiot t-shirt isn't on any cover, but it's sooo cute! Anyway, if you haven't already heard of his newest album "Play", go check it out. It's the album that made him mainstream. For some good older Moby, I recommend his debut album, and also Early Underground. Dats'a some good techno.

Here's me explaining why I like to draw seductive females, using extremely tiny fonts so that you will go blind in the process. Not much to say about this one, just a quick little sketch that has taken me forever to do because of the A+ assessments I've been working on. If I get 90% on all sections of this practice test, Gateway (my employer) will pay for me to take the A+ test. As much as I despise computer jobs, it still will get me a few bucks more an hour.

One of the many, many drawings I did at work in Paint. I do tech support for Gateway, and fixing idiots' computer problems doesn't really take up all my attention, so I doodle to take up the rest. The character on the left is Spider Jerusalem, from a comic called Transmetropoliton. It's really great and worth checking out if you've never heard of it.

Another work drawing, pretty self-explanatory. A co-worker of mine made an alternate version that was a Rambo Fluffy, but it got messed up when being saved, so I can't show it here. He was so cute with a bazooka though!