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03-18-2011 23:58:49

Rats.  I don't suppose you're able to see your server's error log, are you?

There are two ways most hosts store error logs.  The first way is for the server to write a file named "error_log" in the oekaki folder.  If you see that file in the same folder as your index file, then download it to your computer and see if you can send it to me somehow.

The second way would be through your host's control panel, the same place where you set up your hosting account, database,  and where you can check your site's stats and disk usage.  There should be a category there called the Error Log or maybe PHP Error Log.  If so, a few of the most recent entries would give me a better idea of what's going on.

You can also try this new boot.php file (  I've stripped a few things out of it that might be triggering errors on hosts with tight security policies.  I doubt it will work, but it's worth a shot.

03-18-2011 12:25:40

I've installed your fix and seen the lines you've told me about, but my index file is still nonexistant >:

03-16-2011 19:04:30

It appears that your server isn't handling the config files correctly.  Instead of just reading the files, the server is printing "0".  This may be related to the advertising used on the site.

Try this: download this config file fix, upload it to the server, and view it in the web browser.  You should see a couple lines that say the config files are fixed.  Then try to look at the index again.

Let me know when you've run the fix.  If it doesn't work, we'll have to try something else, though I'm not quite sure what.

PS - I edited your link.  For URLs to link automatically, you have to put "http: //" in front of them (minus the space).

03-16-2011 15:11:44


I've tried installing the latest Wax Poteto just now, but for some reason I don't seem to have any index file. I tried re-posting the file on my FTP and even re-downloading it from the internet and nothing does.

I manually entered /install.php and installed it without error. But if I go back, I don't have any index. I get a blank page or an error message, depending on which browser I use (I tried Chrome, Safari and Firefox.)

here's the link: (BBcode doesnt want to work for some reason, sorry, you're going to have to put it in your address bar... >: )

thank you.

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