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#1 01-03-2011 10:44:40


Problems with Java crashign browser

A user of mine is unable to use any of the oekaki applets as it causes his browser to crash. I asked him to answer the following questions:

Does Java Work on Any Other Oekakies? No
Does it crash on a particular Oekaki? No, it crashes on all of them.
What is your computer operating system? Windows 7
What browser? Google Chrome
Version of Java? Java 6 Standard Edition: Update 20, Copyright 2010 Sun Microsystems.

I am running v1.4.3 but will upgrade soon

Is there anything I could advise my user to do in order to fix the problem??

Thanks for any help in advanced.


#2 01-03-2011 19:55:43


Re: Problems with Java crashign browser

Hard to say.  I'm on my laptop right now, so I tried updating to the latest Java (1.6.0_23) and it works fine for me.  This is on Windows7 64-bit, with Chrome 8 as the browser.

The only significant change to the oekaki code was in 1.4.3 when DirectDraw support was turned off by default.  Enabling DirectDraw can cause screen corruption issues, but turning it off shouldn't be a problem (which is why it's the default).

My only recommendation is for this person to open up the Java Console and see if he can view any error messages.  This can be difficult with Chrome.

When viewing the oekaki where the applet normally starts, Windows 7 should give a pop-up notice in the lower right corner of the screen saying that Java has started running.  At this point, click the little up arrow next to the Windows 7 clock, which will bring up some of those little icons showing some tools running on the computer.  One of those icons should be a little coffee cup.  Right click on the cup, and one of the menu options will be, "Open 1.6.0_20 Console."

Once the console is open, it will show information about what's going on while the applet is running, or if it crashes.  The messages are hard to understand, so a screenshot can help.  Tell him he can e-mail me if he wants, but that problems like this are hard to solve because Java is, unfortunately, a pretty fussy platform.  Here's my e-mail.

I've heard about a lot of problems with Firefox, but not with Chrome.


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