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#1 02-19-2011 08:46:16


How can I add a nickname?

Thank you for the wacintaki!

I need your help, please.

I want to use nickname for users(member), How they can use 'nickname' isntead of their ID?

I tried for 48 hours but I'm totally lost.

For example, 'Guest' can write thier name when they post a comment. Can I put this function to Member?

or if this is not possible then how can I give a permission to draw for guest?

Sorry for the poor english, in my country's website there is no information about wacintaki.

Thank you for read this.

#2 02-19-2011 21:36:05


Re: How can I add a nickname?

Sorry, members are only allowed to have one name.

Guests also cannot post pictures, however, you may create a "guest" account with an open password.  If people abuse the guest account, you can delete it at any time or change the password.


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