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#1 05-04-2011 12:05:39

New member

Strange bug with pictures

I have been following this for a while now, but I do not find where it come from,
Sometimes, when a user post a new picture, the picture from another member is displayed. This is very frustrating for the ones who has this bug T_T.
And, when you start a new chibi drawing, if you check the "Animation" box, a drawing from another member is displayed this time again =O.

Does anyone have the solution for this :3 ?


#2 05-05-2011 05:26:41


Re: Strange bug with pictures

Do the correct images show up after clicking the web browser's "Reload" button?  Wacintaki does have some caching issues.  Java also has some caching issues of its own, but it should only show old versions of your own pictures, not other peoples' pictures.

If your Wacintaki board was older than version 1.3.0 when you first installed it, it's possible that the board is still doing something called URL recycling.  This might still be a problem even if you've updated to the latest version.  There is a way to fix this, but first I need to know if this is the problem or not.  Please let me know a few things:

Go to the "Diagnostics" menu in the oekaki, and let me know the following:
- Total pictures
- Current picture number

Then, tell me the filename of the newest picture on the index.  It should be something like "/pictures/OP_378.png", and the number should match the "current picture number" on the diagnostics page.


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