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#1 06-07-2011 15:37:47


Problems Uploading...


I just finished the installation of my oekaki board and have everything up and running, but it seems I'm having some problems...

1. When I tried to edit my avatar I got a Safety Mode error, I tried to change the permissions on the folder and that didn't help
2. Uploaded pictures are not displaying
3. Pictures drawn in Shi are not uploading to the board

Please help? I have a feeling it could be a problem with my server but I really don't know what to do from this point...


#2 06-08-2011 19:11:42

New member

Re: Problems Uploading...

Got everything fixed!
I just started over from the beginning and changed all the permissions before running the installer. And now it's working!

Check out the finished product:

Thanks for making wacintaki available Waccoon! (:



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