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#1 11-23-2007 05:07:00

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How to integrate waxpoteto 1.3.10 with invision power board or joomla


I have a fresh install of the wac poteto 1.3.10 at . Now a user has to register a new account at the okaki as well. I folllowed the instructions for the installation, made a database and the system works.

Now I wish to actually integrate the login details with my forums powered by ipb--or joomla----which the main site is based on--
Please tell me the steps to go about this-

Although i dont know php, i am a technical /developer --so you only have point me in the direction. I did check out hacks.php and index.php-
saw the killusr function--and the cookie path--but im unsure what to do with it---

can i use different databases/tables and use a single cookie session --unsure of this as well now---Basically i just want if the person is logged into the mainsite or the forum, the person is auto logged into the  oekaki bbs as well--
Any help is greatly appreciated--


#2 11-30-2007 05:11:58


Re: How to integrate waxpoteto 1.3.10 with invision power board or joomla

I've never worked with IPB or Joomla, but in general, integration is a pest.  Both boards have to be modified, and every project has its own rules for encrypting passwords, which can make authorization tricky.  Wacintaki uses a simple salted crypt() routine for passwords -- most other boards use the more robust MD5() method.

Your content management system (CMS) must create all the required tables for the oekaki when a new member registers, and the oekaki must get its username and password from the CMS every time it starts.

Once both boards have been modified to share database information, only boot.php needs to be edited to import the authorization from the CMS.  Usually, the CMS will have a script specifically for authorization, so you can just include that file at the right place in boot.php (phpBB works like this). The applets pass the name and password through a header, so as long as everything is imported correctly by boot.php, you shouldn't have to worry about how the username and password are passed through each script in the oekaki.

You'll also have to disable the registration, password change code (in the profile editor), and some of the admin controls, to make sure the oekaki doesn't corrupt the database of the CMS.  Proceed with caution.  wink


#3 05-10-2017 04:51:44


Re: How to integrate waxpoteto 1.3.10 with invision power board or joomla

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