Would You Rather...
May 22, 2016 · (887 × 513)

Er... duh. They already have comically big feet and heads!

I saw JackSepticEye playing this game again, with this exact question, and I couldn't resist rushing this picture together. I can totally see these two getting into the Let's Play scene, and they might very well make a terrific commentary couple.

Also, has it really been 6 months since my last upload? Man, I'm so out of practice, and it shows.

Gold Star
Happy [Wheels] Halloween
October 31, 2015 · (1024 × 744)


Welp, both Wac and Tawny have been bitten by the YouTuber bug, and they've decided dress up as their favorite game commentators for Halloween -- Markiplier and JackSepticEye.

Oh yeah, say hello to Miles. As of 2015, he is now 4 and 1/2 years old, and is finally going out on his first Halloween. He looks a bit distressed, though. Maybe it's because he's dressed as “Billy” from the violent game Happy Wheels... or maybe it's because he has to suffer the endless, childish horseplay of his nearly 40-year-old parents!

I started drawing this at the last minute (as usual) so I had to rush with the background. I'm glad I finished it in time!

In the Right Mood
September 19, 2014 · (892 × 1000)

My first, proper reference of Chris and Amy in their formal attire, based on a previous picture.

Amy continues to get shorter (on her toes, no less), and Chris continues to get moodier... in the right way, of course! Marrying Amy has done wonders for his outlook on life.

FoxxLegend Flirting
July 17, 2013 · (700 × 900)

My part of a trade with FoxxLegend on FA. Foxx wanted to just be hanging out with Wac and Tawny at a bar or something. Well, we all know how Tawny hangs out when she's got some good ol' Samuel Adams in her.

FoxxLegend has since told me that he'd normally be up for a rum cocktail rather than a beer. Well, he can't have any. The rum is all MINE. Straight from the bottle, no less — naughty guy!

FoxxLegend belongs to his creator; posted with permission.

Saddle Up
November 12, 2012 · (708 × 1000)

I am slowly... slowly... banging out some old trades. This time it's for DaYoshiMan89 on FA, highlighting his character's general loathing of his Yoshi saddle. You can see his part of the trade here: Hello, There!

Geoff the Yoshi belongs to DaYoshiMan89; used liberally, baked at 400 degrees for 2 hours, serves 4.

Draw Smut With Me!
November 5, 2012 · (963 × 700)

On one of my FA journals, EGO Tapenyaku joked that he wouldn't go to bed until I drew smut with him.

So I did! Well, at least I did of Cake, his rabbitty-something guy you see here.

Cake belonds to EGO Tapenyaku; Not used with permission, but I'm 99% sure the Cake will lie for this.

Zandar Skönk
October 30, 2012 · (660 × 676)

Hey, it's Zandar, from JW Kennedy's web comic, being her usual cheerful self.

Yeah, I couldn't help it. That face always works with the Backing Out style.

Zandar Skönk belongs Tegerio, aka JW Kennedy. Go read his nifty web comic.

Sally Redesign Explained
October 22, 2012 · (818 × 1024)

So that's how she lost her cheek fur!

I don't read the comics, so I'm not 100% sure what's up with that redesign and all, or even if Sally is as much of a b*tch as people say she is. So, don't blame me if you don't get a chuckle out of this.

Shark Weak
August 17, 2012 · (700 × 700)


Skittles and Jill Discuss The Beast(s)
July 25, 2012 · (900 × 674)

Hooray, I finally finished a long overdue trade with Boiken on FA, featuring his characters, Skittles the fox and Jill the fox-rabbit.

It's always hard coming up with panel ideas for other peoples' characters, but I couldn't help it this time. The story is that Skittles tends to, uh, inherit Jill's “toys” once she gets tired of them. One of Jill's toys is called “The Beast” for not-too-obscure reasons, though Jill has a new beast around to play with -- an apparently nice guy with a, uh... metabolic disorder. In other words, he's dead, Jim. ;)

Skittles and Jill belong to Boiken; posted with permission.

Draw Yourself
May 13, 2012 · (1200 × 473)

Hey, I did a meme! Wow, that's never been done before. :rolleyes:

I used to be a hardcore computer geek, back when that stuff was fun. Then DOS and Windows. Then iPhone. Then iPad/Android/Unity.

Then... Steve Martin. ;)

That Glowing Sheen
March 17, 2012 · (400 × 800)

If anyone deserves a Frownie™, it's Shenanigans!

Check out his comic Bedfellows for more angry affection (only posted on his FurAffinity account AFAIK).

Sheen belongs to his creator; posted with permission.

The Best of Lock
March 5, 2012 · (900 × 687)

My part of a trade with Cedg on FurAffinity. These two both have huge hair straight from the 80's, and with those long locks all over the place, a cat just has to do what a cat's got to do.

His part of the trade can be seen here.

Mina Foxx and Alisa the cat belong to Cedg.

Super Star!
March 2, 2012 · (662 × 800)

A bit of gift art for BFoxKK on DeviantArt on her birthday. I finished the flat colors in time, but it took an extra couple weeks for me to get the shading finished.

BFox is such a great character design, and I've been wanting to draw her for quite a while. Turns out, while I'm still new to airbrush color, this is probably my best character work... ever.

Fun fact: I was listening to polka and yodel while coloring this! XD

Blackfox belongs to her creator; posted with permission

Gold Star
Syreen Tales
October 30, 2011 · (750 × 700)

Hey, something new! Part of a Halloween costume trade with Princess Tales.

If you know where the costume comes from you win some geek bonus points. :D

Originally I used this an opportunity to improve the quality of my inking. While coloring I guess I got carried away. I still have a lot to learn about color, but I think it came out well compared to my usual fare.

PrincessTales belongs to her creator; posted with permission

October 29, 2011 · (465 × 850)

TabbieWolf can't figure out what platform she is.

But then, who can blame her? Even Samsung's lawyer couldn't tell the difference between the iPad and Galaxy Tab.

Just something fun I tried to get done at FurFright 2011. I missed the chance to art jam with her in person, so I took the sketch home and put some extra effort into the inking. I like the results, but I really need to work on adapting my style of drawing heads.

TabbieWolf belongs to her creator; posted with permission

Can't Wii All Get Along?
October 15, 2011 · (900 × 616)

A fun little picture I drew in SirFox's sketch book at FurFright 2011.

The theme of the book: “Let's Play!”

Or rather... let's not?

Leslie Model Sheet
March 13, 2011 · (855 × 700)

Now here's a character I haven't drawn in a long time. She was created for a one-shot appearance in Backing Out, but she's since grown on me and I might draw her a bit more often.

Rebecca Model Sheet
March 13, 2011 · (535 × 800)

Finally, I'm updating my character references a bit. Most likely these will end up going into a separate gallery later.

Choco Balthy
February 9, 2011 · (900 × 676)

Just a lil' Drive-By-Fanart for Balthykins. She is such a fun character to draw.

Miss Balthamos the Eevee belongs to Balthykins; posted with permission.