Updated: January 26, 2017

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“Porn and fine art are not mutually exclusive. But, they do both suck.”

Annual Update

Wow, is this site design old. I haven't used checkered patterns in my designs for years.

I'm still making minor changes to the gallery, as it's the only part of this site that's still receiving new content. I suppose I should code up a new thumbnail system, so the actual, current gallery entries will be displayed on the front page. I've been putting it off, as I still havn't implemented a site-wide age statement. For now, I'm manually making censored thumbnails.

The most logical thing to do in the near future is to swap out this page for a link hub, so you'll know where to find me. This web site has all of my content dating back 20 years, but if you want to talk to me or comment on my stuff, you'll need to visit my social network pages. While I work out the site design, here's where you can find me:

FurAffinity - Inkbunny - DeviantArt

Steam: Waccoon - PSN: Waccoon

For Sale (2017-01-02)

I still have a Minolta STsi 35mm SLR camera for sale, as well as those 16", 4×100 performance wheels and tires. Check 'em out!

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