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May 13th, 2002
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   5/13/02 - I'd Buy That For A Dollar

Finally got off my ass and put my site back up, though honestly I still don't really have any updates to show. I don't touch my sketchbook anymore and the few times I do end with me being frustrated and pissy, so I don't most of the time. In the interest of what few fans I have left, in addition to work other people put into my site over time, I will still keep my site up with a very limited archive of more recent drawings that I've done for you to look at. I may update again at some point, but I'd suggest only checking once a month to save yourself some effort. Many thanks go out to my wonderful and talented friend, Waccoon, for use of this space and encouragement from time to time.

Here's to hoping the urge for me to draw and the patience to do it come back eventually, so that I can give you guys some new crap to look at eventually.
Until then, Adios.

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